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Transport & Car Hire

A vehicle is essential when staying at Gordon’s Guests.  There are a number of car hire companies at Phuket Airport and probably the ‘easiest and cleanest’ is to book a car, either through your travel agent, or directly on the internet through one of these companies.  There is a car hire company in the local town of Khok Kloi whose rates are generally favourable  –  these bookings can unfortunately not be done in advance as they do not speak English.  Payment to this local company is cash only where the car hire companies at the airport have credit card facilities.  An important note to remember  –  ensure that the car you are hiring is fully covered from an insurance perspective.

Saijai will be available to meet you at the airport to show you the way to Gordon’s Guests (in the absence of Allan or Janet) and can assist with the car hire companies at the time.

Depending on the terms and conditions of your driver’s licence, an international driver’s licence is often required to endorse your local driver’s licence  –  please check on the requirements with your local travel agent / automobile association.  A local ‘law’ is that should a foreigner be involved in an accident it is always the foreigner’s fault  –  regardless of who is actually guilty of causing the accident.