Janet Gordon: +2783 454 2564 info@gordonsguests.com

Where to find us

Directions from the airport:

Turn RIGHT on exiting the airport

Turn LEFT at 1st set of traffic lights (onto the 4026)

Travel to end of this road to the T-junction – turn LEFT onto the 402

Travel along the 402 all the way to the top of the island, through the check point and over the Sarasin Bridge.

Once you’ve crossed over the Sarasin Bridge, continue along this main road (402) for ±2km where you’ll notice that you’re passing under a footbridge which crosses the road.

The turn to our road is a further ±1.5km after the footbridge – between the footbridge and the turn off you’ll pass a derelict Mercedes Benz dealership on your left, followed by a tall sign that says ‘Palm Inn’.

Turn LEFT into the 3006 – you’ll see a number of signs on the left to places like Hot Springs, Aleenta, Ranyatavi, Iniala Beach House. There will be an open plantation on your left and a brightly coloured building in pink and blue on your right as you turn. Continue down this road – Gordon’s Guests is on your right ±1km down the road (yellow wall with space to park in an ‘inset’).