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‘Just Relaxing’ – Beaches

Phuket is an island surrounded by many beaches  –   some crowded, some not so crowded and some very nearly deserted.  We have included info on a couple of beaches that we have experienced  –  the list is by no means exhaustive, and we are sure that you will experience others that we’d love to hear about !!  The ‘beach loungers’ and umbrellas are charged for by the locals  –  regardless of whether you’re there for an hour or the whole day  –  these rates may vary from beach to beach  –  use of a lounger is currently in the region of 100 Baht per day.  Be sure to ask where the toilet facilities are  –  they are around and are sometimes found at a local resort.  They are however, often of the local variety.  Most of the beaches have stalls / shops where you can buy curios, clothing, ice creams, cold drinks, crisps, etc.

The ‘Local’ Beach:

The ‘local’ beach is 700m down the road from Gordon’s Guests.  Swimming is safe at this beach, as it is along the whole coastline.  Limited snorkelling can be done at the local beach.  Take your own ‘tubes’, ‘wings’, beach balls, buckets and spades, etc., and enjoy.  The walk is a pleasant one.

 Nai Yang Beach:

Just down the road from the Airport  –  a journey of 26.5km from Gordon’s Guests.  Follow the main road (402) onto the island, turn right at the set of traffic lights just past the Shell Petrol Station (on your left)  –  just over 21km from the Guesthouse.  Travel along the 4026 until you get to a T-junction, turn left and immediately right and follow the road to the beach.


With the sea on your right, drive until you have restaurants on your immediate right  –  find parking and a place on the beach.

Nai Yang Beach has many restaurants  –  some of which are amongst the best on the island as far as value for money is concerned (see ‘Restaurants’ for a number of the restaurants that we frequent at Nai Yang Beach).

‘Paradise Diving’ is located at Nai Yang beach and is the ideal place to arrange diving / snorkelling trips around the island and to other islands in the vicinity of Phuket.

 Nai Thon Beach:

This is arguably the best beach on the Island if you are looking for a ‘tropical island’ experience.  It is a beautiful beach and you can snorkel fairly extensively from the left side of the beach.  There is a lot of development happening at Nai Thon Beach and it’s becoming a very popular beach.  


Follow the directions to Nai Yang beach, but just after turning left at the T junction, carry on straight until you see the sign to Nai Thon (±2,3km along) and then turn right.  At the first ‘fork’ turn left and follow the winding road through the mountain until you get to Nai Thon Beach.

Other Beaches:

Collect a ‘carry bag’ of brochures in the Airport Arrivals Hall  –  it includes a map of the island which will show the other beaches and their proximity to the beaches we’ve described above.

Patong beach is the most densely populated and advertised beach with extensive shopping, restaurants and nightlife.  Surin Beach is also worth a visit  –  it’s generally the only beach on the island that has ‘waves’.  The beach at the bottom tip of the island is called Nai Harn Beach which is both beautiful, has great restaurants and a very popular ‘mooring point’ for yachts.