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There are many restaurants to choose from, both on the island of Phuket and on the mainland close to our Guesthouse.  We’ve included information about the restaurants we frequent most.  Be careful when choosing restaurants, be sure to eat from places that look ‘presentable’  –  an upset tummy is the last thing you want on holiday !


Saijai runs a small ‘local’ restaurant from her home, just 3 houses up from our Guesthouse.  Her food is fairly basic but delicious and extremely reasonable.  She buys fresh ingredients on a daily basis from the local market so let her know first thing in the morning when she brings the fruit that you’d like to have supper that evening so that she can get the necessary from the market.


Stone Oven Pizza (George):

In the town of Thai Muang, just over 20km north on the mainland, is a wonderful restaurant owned by George Bongalon.  They serve delicious pizzas, made in an original ‘stone oven’ and a mix of Thai and ‘western’ food in a ‘beach setting’. 

To get there  …  make your way back to the main road, turn left onto the 402 and head into the town of Khok Kloi.  Pass through Khok Kloi, keeping on the main road until you get to the small town of Thai Muang.  Cross over the ‘traffic light intersection’ heading straight ahead towards the sea, this road has a ‘middle island’.  Just under 1 km after the middle island ends you’ll see a small road to your left and a sign to Stone Oven Pizza, just before the road bends to the right to run parallel to the beach.



The restaurant is owned by Chai, a local businessman, and his wife.  Chai is very involved in rescue services in the province of Phang Nga and the restaurant is run by his wife.  He is a very good friend of ours and is a very caring devout Buddhist.  The food at the restaurant is delicious and very reasonable.  Their knowledge of English is almost non-existent and the safest is to choose something from the menu.

To get there  …  make your way back to the main road, turn left onto the 402.  About 500m along the road there is a fork in the road, keep left, along the slip road, bypassing the ‘traffic light’ intersection.  The restaurant is on the left, about 1km past the intersection, and has a ‘2002’ sign on the roadside.


Khwanta (Nai Yang Beach):

Khwanta’s restaurant is on Nai Yang beach.  They serve all the traditional Thai cuisine as well as spaghetti, French fries, breakfast, etc. and their food is delicious.  

To get there  …  see directions to Nai Yang beach under ‘Just Relaxing  –  Beaches’


Mr Kobi (Nai Yang Beach):

Mr Kobi and his wife Malee own and run their restaurant on Nai Yang beach.  Mr Kobi is a real character and makes a number of delicious ‘cocktails’ and Malee’s food is excellent.


Rotcharin Seafood (Nai Yang Beach):

Another one of our favourite restaurants  –  their food is delicious !


The Yacht Haven:

The Yacht Haven is, as it suggests, a mooring point for all yachts visiting the Island on a more or less ‘permanent’ basis.  The restaurant is run by an ‘ex-pat’ and is pretty cosmopolitan.  Their pricing is a little on the expensive side as prices go on the Island, however, it’ll give you a break from Thai cooking (if you feel you need one).

To get there  …  make your way across the Sarasin Bridge, as if you were heading for the airport.  About 5km over the bridge you will see a sign directing you to the Yacht Haven.  Just follow the road  –  you will be doubling your way back, with the sea on your right side.  The Yacht Haven is at the end of the road  –  you can’t miss it.

Jungle Restaurant & Garden Café:

Approximately 7.5km from our Guesthouse, just after the town of Khok Kloi, is a very interesting restaurant and coffee shop.  The coffee shop serves delicious hot and cold drinks with cakes and biscuits during the day and the restaurant has a fairly extensive menu including breakfast, lunch and dinner.