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The number of shops / supermarkets / markets / stalls / etc. increases on a daily basis, both on the island of Phuket and on the mainland.

Central Festival:

An upmarket shopping mall with a large variety of ‘branded’ stores.


There are plenty of places to buy jewellery on the island  –  from upmarket to costume jewellery and you’ll find both formal and informal stores in all the shopping areas.

On the 4022 (Bypass Road) there is ‘The World’s Biggest Jewellery Store’ where you are taken on a guided tour through the factory area and then ‘guided’ through the huge retail section in an attempt to get you to invest in some of their beautiful jewellery.

The ‘Pearl Factory’, on the 402, just after the turn off to the 4022, offers an insight into how pearls are grown and you are able to choose from their wide selection of pearl jewellery or design something yourself and have it made.

Premium Outlet:

A ‘factory’ type shopping complex but be careful to check the prices as they are not always cheaper than anywhere else !


A large department store with a wide range of foods, clothing, shoes, luggage, etc.  –  there are 2 on the island  –  in Phuket Town and in Patong Beach.


There are a number of Tesco’s Supermarkets around, the closest being in Khok Kloi, our ‘local town’ which is approximately 4km from the Guesthouse.  Bread, cereals, milk, yoghurt, cheese, jam, crisps, sweets, etc. are available.

To get there  …  make your way back to the main road, turn left onto the 402.  About 500 metres along the road there is a fork in the road, keep left, along the slip road, bypassing the ‘traffic light’ intersection.  Travel along the 402  –  Tesco’s will be on your right shortly before the main traffic light intersection of Khok Kloi.

A more substantial Tesco’s (Thalang Tesco’s) can be found on the island of Phuket, on the 402, past the turn off to the Airport  –  keep straight along this main road  –  Tesco’s will be on your left  –  a total distance of 30km from the Guesthouse.

Wang Thalang:

Curios, jewellery, silk, etc., etc.  –  keep on the 4022 past Central Festival  –  Wang Thalang will be on your right.  

Wood Carvings:

Amazingly intricate and delicate carvings and furniture are available  –  both from the retail stores and from local factory type outlets.